Funky Socks

Here at Vivre, we simply love our socks! Choosing them, wearing them, and the delight from our customers who buy them. So we've decided to promote a Sock of the Week. Each Sunday evening we'll advertise a pair of socks at a discounted price. And we're also happy to offer a further discount when you buy three pairs of socks - get the third pair for only $15. To take advantage of this automatic discount, simply add three pairs of socks to your shopping cart and the discount will be automatically calculated at checkout. ENJOY

Not all novelty socks are created equal!   Our range of ModSocks, Artist Series Socks and Sabyloo Dog Lovers Socks are fun & funky, beautiful, durable and designed to look and feel great on real legs. With a pair of these socks on, your feet will stand out even when you’re sitting down.

Special Gift Idea for those involved with Sock Buddies IVF.