Why blue and white accessories are always the perfect combination in your home October 05, 2018 16:17

I love wandering around the shop and collecting an armful of things to photograph... this week I was a bit surprised to have picked up so many blue and white items and was thrilled with how attractive they looked in the photo's. And now I keep admiring it...

If you're feeling a little inspired, here is a few of our blue and white bits and pieces...

So if you are looking for a wee treat for yourself, or birthdays and wedding presents for family, friends and loved ones, you may like to browse our range of unique home accessories.

So what was it about Blue and White that got me excited? A quick google search bought up the following: 

American designer, Mark D Sikes, has a soft spot for the timeless country combo of blue and white. Some of his favorite accents are blue-and-white ceramics—from porcelain jars on the mantel to the garden stools as a side table. "You can use ceramics sparingly as an accent, but I like a lot of pieces displayed together as a collection. It gives instant colour and detail that's intricate and alluring," he says.

Here's an extract from interior designer Phoebe Howard: "What is it about this Blue and White palette that gives it such widespread appeal and inspires such devotion?  To start, there's the fact that blue is the world's favorite color. Found all around us in nature, it knows no limits when it comes to a particular fashion or style, time period or geography. As for white, it shows blue off in its truest form, without distraction or competition. And though it delivers plenty of contrast, the combination is less stark than black and white. It's easy on the eyes. White sets blue up for success, which sets you and your decorating scheme up for success too."

So it seems that the pairing of Blue and White brings out the best in any room, whether it's the kitchen, living room or bedroom - it is a classic for a reason.

Browse our full range at our online store or pop in and see us, Queen St, Richmond, Nelson, opp ANZ Bank.

Buy blue and white homewares and accessories at Vivre, Nelson, New Zealand. We have great gift and present ideas for your family and friends.

Richmond Late Night Thursday Mini Market September 27, 2018 14:58

We're hosting a mini market next Thursday, 4 Oct from 5pm.

Opposite Sundial Square, come and browse our range of shabby chic, vintage and boho - treats for you and your friends - clothes, duffle bags, bits and pieces for your home, gift ideas, jewellery.

Our Market will run monthly, Oct, Nov and Dec, 1st Thurs of the month



"The trouble with trouble is that it starts out as fun!" September 26, 2018 00:00

"The trouble with trouble is that it starts out as fun!"

Fun hip flask for the ladies... buy here

Suitable for all women with a wicked sense of humour! 

Great gift idea for friends, workmates, brides-to-be, significant birthdays, and many, many more... this flask also looks fabulous displayed in your home where you will see it and smile :)


Spring is here, bringing a 40% off sale September 25, 2018 12:00

Do you love all things Vintage and Retro?

We're offering you 40% off your favourites in our Spring Sale... 

Browse our Vintage Collection, our Retro Collection and our Specials.

This sale is on for the month of Sep 2018 or while stocks last - enjoy! 

(Just a thought, it's never to early to put away bits and pieces for Christmas and birthdays).

Richmond & Nelson residents - you are welcome to shop online and pick up in store and we'll refund your postage.

Did you miss out on this sale? Please sign up to receive our weekly newsletter and you'll always know about our specials, discounts, free gifts with purchases and new products. 




We'd love you to enjoy a FREE hot drink... September 02, 2018 16:11

We’d love you to enjoy a FREE hot drink at The Wooden Spoon Café next door with our compliments

Simply spend over $50 in our store, we'd love to say thank you by giving you a voucher so you can enjoy a FREE hot drink to the value of $5 at The Wooden Spoon Cafe, next door. 

Offer available for the month of September 18. "In our store" means our physical location of 251a Queen St, Richmond, Nelson.


Fun, funky novelty socks August 10, 2018 10:39

There's socks and then there's our socks!

We've been selling our range of ModSocks since Feb 2018 and they have quickly become one of our most popular and best selling items - our range of ModSocks are fun & funky, beautiful, durable and designed to look and feel great on real legs.

For me, the most enjoyable part is listening to the stories from the customers as they chat about why they are buying the socks. And after selling hundreds of pairs of socks there's two stories that stand out the most to me, I'd love to share them with you.

Customer #1 - Saw a pair of our Piano Cat Socks in the window as she walked past, came in and picked them up along with the Bold Poppies Socks and bought both pairs. Her plans - her elderly friends are in a rest home, she visits them regularly and she bought them a pair each to wear, "when they are sitting in the community lounge with other residents their socks will be the talk of the room, which will delight my friends and bring back many, many fond memories for my friends, the other residents and carers as well."  What a hugely thoughtful gesture!

Customer #2 - Mum and babe popped into the shop on impulse and mum immediately got excited and selected a pair of Unicycling Unicorn Socks. Turns out she's in the IVF programme and needed a pair of socks to exchange with her IVF sock buddy. As she explained more to me about IVF and the support of sock buddies, I was very impressed and for those of you who are in similar situations - all of us at Vivre want to wish you all the very best!

So that's just two stories, among many, many stories... customers buy our socks because:

  • the socks make them smile (how great is that!)
  • they are a fabulous gift and present for all ages, teenagers, mums, nanas, aunties
  • they post easily
  • when someone already has everything they are a fun gift
  • they know the socks will bring pleasure to the recipient


Choose knee high socks or crew socks or both!


A mum bought Pugs & Kisses for her teenage daughter who was going through a hard time and didn't feel like smiling...

A sister-in-law received Black Poppies to wear during her cycling tour of France...

An older lady received a pair of Cherries Socks to remind her of some wickedly fun times years and years ago with her dear friend...

A mother-in-law received a pair of Gardening Socks because she collects watering cans...

The piano players, the choir director, and the owners of black cats all love the Piano Cat Socks...

Avocado Socks, goes without saying, everyone who likes avocados either buys these socks or gets given them...

And again, those with Ginger Cats, either buy a pair for themselves or they get given them...

The sloth lovers have a real dilemma as they genuinely can't decide if they should buy the knee high sloth socks or the crew sloth socks...

A friend received Lion socks because she was going on an African safari...

Another friend, (and also a daughter bought her mum), received a pair of Rosie the Riveter Socks, because, apparently, they both had a bit of attitude... (haha)

And I haven't even mentioned yet all the golfing ladies, the bowling ladies, the skating ladies and the early childhood teachers who have either bought our socks or been given our socks, just because they are simply fabulous! 

So as I said at the start, it's truly enjoyable (and humbling) listening to how a pair of socks can change someone's day for the better.

So if you are ever looking for a gift or present for your mum, daughter, sister, aunty, cousin, nana, best friend, etc, etc - think of our fun, funky novelty socks.

Browse our full range of socks here





Browse our range of novelty socks here 

Prize Draws for August 2018 August 03, 2018 15:15

We're delighted to announce our prize draws in August...

Back by popular demand, each week in August all purchases will go in a draw and the winner gets to choose one of the following prizes, valued between $13 and $25.

This competition is open to all customers purchasing in store and online.

Draws will take place on the 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st August 2018 and the winners will be notified by email.

Winners are welcome to choose from one of the four following products.

1. Salad Servers Kiwiana Style - RRP $19 - view here

2. Vegetable Planters - Set of 2, Carottas & Radish - view here

3. Pink Hearts Votive & Tealight Holder - Set of 2, RRP $19 - view here

4. 3 Hanging Heart Wooden Photo Frame - RRP $24.50 - view here



Buy bamboo clothing in Nelson NZ July 27, 2018 14:09

A quick google search, "What's so good about bamboo clothing" gave me heaps of info, as you would imagine... But the sentence that stood out the most was:

Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool - a more soft and luxurious feel

So I bought some bamboo socks, wore them during my daily exercise... they felt divine... I fell in love with them... found a supplier and bought a range of bamboo clothing to sell in my shop, Vivre, so that all my fantastically loyal customers could have this opportunity too!

Research yielded two interesting facts:

a) there is some amazingly good reasons why we should be wearing bamboo clothing

b) it's quite hard to find someone who sells bamboo clothing in Nelson, NZ

So I'll address the second fact first, you can now buy bamboo clothing at Vivre, in Nelson, NZ. We have a range of socks, both ankle and crewe, racerback tops, v-neck t-shirts, long sleeve thermal tops and capri leggings.


So why wear bamboo clothing?

Just quickly, here's some really good reasons to wear bamboo clothing:

  • because of the softness
  • because bamboo fibres absorb mositure
  • because of the ease of wearing for skin sensitivities and those with allergies
  • because of the anti-bacterial qualities of bamboo (odour resistant)

And who wears bamboo clothing?

  • everyone!
  • active people who enjoy yoga, tai chi, meditation etc for the natural qualities of bamboo
  • tramping, hiking people for the thermal and mositure qualities
  • those with eczema or other skin irritations
  • people who love nature and going back to basics

And what's the 'eco-friendly' and 'green' thing about bamboo clothing?

Our range of Bambu Dru bamboo garments have been produced and processed under certified organic conditions. The clothing is kind to your body due to the natural purity and be assured that a similar kindness has been shown to the environment and workers that contribute to their making.

Did you know that bamboo can grow up to 1 metre per day, an exceptional rate, with bamboo being the fastest growing woody plant on Earth. 

Bamboo is also naturally pest and disease resistant so requires few or no chemical inputs when farmed. Bamboo also has a small ‘water footprint’ as its irrigation requirements are minimal.

For more technical information about Bambu Dru bamboo manufacture and processing, please click here.


So what can our range of bamboo clothing offer to you:

  • organic, eco-friendly garments to wear in every day life
  • garments produced to high ethics and the moral standards of sustainable living
  • a helpful way to make a small difference for our planet
  • the convenience of buying quality bamboo clothing right here in Nelson


So all you eco-conscious, active, organic people who love natural purity, come in and browse our range of bamboo clothing or visit us online.







Enjoy reading books through the winter July 03, 2018 14:58

Growing up, mum always had books around our home and my sister and I are still, happily, book worms... 

And it was with great pleasure that I was able to introduce my own children to the delights of a good book! Story books and reading together in the evenings will always hold fond memories for us all.

What to read... so many, many interesting books, both fiction and non-fiction, series and one-offs...

And so many different ways to read... real books (you know, old school with pages to turn), e-readers (the last one got dropped down the stairs in our house when two of the kids wanted it at the same time, say no more...), magazines, etc, etc.

I was recently reminded at our 'Meet the Teacher' evening of the educational importance of reading. The English teacher talked about the flow on benefits of reading, such as improved spelling, vocabulary and the ability to write well structured sentences and paragraphs.

(If you need more inspiration to make your kids sit down and read for 20 minutes before bed, just google, "why should I read a book" and you'll get really excited.)

We have books for your toddlers - a fun NZ book, designed for small hands and featuring our favourite Kiwi Critters, Kiwi and Pukeko, playing at the beach, hide and seek, sausage sizzles, etc.  Browse our range here

And we have books for kids who like reading themselves - two books based around the Nelson Lakes National Park and featuring raindrops and native animals.   Browse our range here

And for the adults - crafts, recipes and gardening. These books are great for inspiration on winter evenings.   Browse our range here


So enjoy your reading everyone.


Browse our range of books here.


Postage Stamp Jewellery – Earrings and Pendants June 26, 2018 14:19

Postage stamps have been around for a while now – since 1840 – actually. The UK featured Queen Victoria II on their first stamp, which was used in Great Britain and Ireland. That stamp was known as the Penny Black and is now in the top 10 of the world’s most famous stamps.

From their humble beginnings, postage stamps and the world wide postal service went from strength to strength as more and more countries developed their own signature stamps in a variety of colours, styles and designs.

Which inevitably led to the rise of the hobby stamp collector… I had a stamp collection as a kid – did you? (I had coin collection too 😊). The most famous stamp today (per is the British Guiana 1c Magneta, if one of these gems, sorry, stamps, ever comes on the market, you’ll only have to pay around NZ$15 million.

So, what does one do with their stamp collection?

Let me introduce you to the very clever Cindy Allison, from Canterbury, New Zealand.

Cindy is now a mature student currently completing her PhD. She was having a clean-up but couldn’t bear to throw away her childhood stamp collection… so made jewellery instead!

We are very fortunate to have some of Cindy’s Postage Stamp Jewellery in store and online, check out her beautiful pieces featuring NZ flowers.

Choose from Manuka, Kowhai, Clematis, and many more… and receive a beautiful piece of NZ history. Wear your Earrings and Pendants proudly, knowing that:

  • you love your piece of jewellery
  • the colours & pictures are stunning
  • you’re supporting a NZ Artist
  • and re-using a piece of NZ history!

Browse the collection of Cindy Allison’s range here.

Here's a fun idea to grow your savings... June 14, 2018 23:30

Broke with no savings? 😥 You and your BFF need to read this...

5 Buck Challenge - Every time you break a bill and get a $5 note, put it in your $5 tin and watch your savings grow...

And we'd love to help you - Buy our Love Langage Du Coeur Love Language Tin - we've reduced the price to only $24.50 (normally $34.50) AND we'll put a $5 note inside to get you started. 

❤️ Spread the word and let your friends know!

BUY NOW…/le-langage-du-coeur-love-language…

Offer available while stock lasts or until 30 June.
Great gift idea, especially for those who love vintage and retro inspired bits and pieces in their home.


Multi-use Silver Two Tiered Tray June 12, 2018 16:52

This turned out to be quite a fun project! 

This gorgeous Silver Two Tiered Tray arrived and straight away we wanted to display it in the window of the shop.

But what to put in it? Decisions, decisions... so we turned to our fab friends on Facebook and gave them three options with pink shabby chic accessories. After many helpful comments we chose the photo, below. (Thanks for your help everyone). And this display has looked beautiful in the window attracting the eye of lots of passers by.

Then we thought, well, how can we showcase this tray to customers who don't like pink and shabby chic? (my sister...)

After an hour of fun we came up with the other two designs, below. One featuring bathroom accessories and the second featuring succulents and kitchen / dining accessories.

To conclude - same tray - 3 different styles - you need to buy this tray and stamp your own personality and style on it! It's a very versatile home accessory.

Note - all accessories are available in store and online for purchase.


Children's story books about nature by Nelson, NZ, author Carolyn Hedom May 23, 2018 16:04

We're thrilled to have two beautifully written and illustrated books for children available to you. Written by Carolyn Hedom, who lives in St. Arnaud, near Nelson, NZ, she has a passion for sharing nature with children.

The Little Raindrop is about The Water Cycle, told through the eyes of The Little Raindrop.

Carter and Friends is about an inquisitive little dog, and his friends as they explore New Zealand's native bush, based in the Nelson Lakes National Park.

It's always such a treat for parents and grandparents to snuggle up with little ones and read stories together. These stories are fun, enjoyable, have beautiful pictures and educational as well! 

"Carter is an introduced animal in the native bush in New Zealand but hopefully his stories in this book will show an awareness and appreciation of all that we take for granted in nature. All events are based on happenings around or close to our tree house and Carter's presence rings a different perspective with his inquisitive, gentle appearance and excitement in discovering new friends."

"The little raindrop fell from the cloud and landed on a branch of a tree from where she dribbled, gently, down to a leaf. When she landed on the leaf she would say, "Hello little leaf, would you like a drink?" She watered the plants, washing off the dirt so they could take in the air and the sun which they needed to grow. When the sun came out, she saw she was dressed in all the colours of the rainbow, she would giggle and sparkle in her excitement of what was next."

Great gift ideas for toddlers and learning to read children.



Our range of Comfort Shoes are great for the coming rain... May 23, 2018 10:00

More rain is coming... and I do like the sound of rain on the roof at night... do you?

Just a timely reminder that we do stock the fabulous USA Sloggers brand of Womens Comfort & Waterproof Shoes - here's the link to view these very funky and stylish - chooks - goats - clogs

These fabulous shoes, in stunningly vibrant colours, are perfect for around the farm, on the sportsfield, out to the letterbox, or being stylish and fun amid the rain and mud.

PS in store, tell us you saw this blog nd we'll give you 10% off, likewise online customers, we'll give you 10% off too - discount code SLOGGERS valid till Friday 25 May 2018, for NZ customers only.

Our favourite things... May 22, 2018 16:00

Welcome to our Pink Corduroy Bear and our Hot Girls Drink Tea Teapot - two of our favourite products in store at the moment.

Would you keep one and give one away? But which one?
Keep both?
But your best friend really loves that teapot...
Luckily we offer PartPay - spread your purchase over 4 interest free payments.

Click here for the Hot Girls Drink Tea Teapot and here for the Pink Corduroy Bear.

Both items make a fabulous wee treat for yourself and your child, or a gorgeous gift to a dear friend or loved one. Imagine this wee bear sitting on the shelf in your newborn baby's room... or your dearly loved mum, gran, aunty or niece drinking their cuppa from this teapot...

Competition time... win a pair of ModSocks May 18, 2018 14:52

One lucky person will win a pair of ModSocks!

Cats - Pugs - Avocados - Cherries - Poppies - Strawberries - and knee high and crew here to see the full range.

To enter the draw, simply sign up to receive our newsletter, competition closes Friday 25 May, winner will be notified by email.

Not all novelty socks are created equal!   Our range of ModSocks are fun & funky, beautiful, durable and designed to look and feel great on real legs. With a pair of ModSocks on, your feet will stand out even when you’re sitting down.

ModSocks stand out because of the designers hyper-attention to detail, intricate patterns and bold, stunning designs. All ModSocks are made from a super-soft cotton blend and the knee highs are engineered to stretch at the widest part of the calf for extra comfort and wearability. ModSocks have reinforced heels and toes, so you’ll be able to keep wearing the socks you love even longer.

Make sure to view our entire range of Modsocks.

Fits women's shoe sizes 6 to 10. 

Measurements: base of heel to top 36.5cm

65% cotton, 24% nylon, 8% polyester, 3% spandex. 

Designed in Bellingham, Washington, USA - Made in Korea.

Care Instructions - machine wash in cold water, tumble dry on low.

Buy at our store in Queen St, Richmond, Nelson or click here to see our postage rates.


Do you think Coffee and Avocados go together? May 15, 2018 17:00

My family enjoys avocado on toast for breakfast... but at times it can get way too expensive to buy the yummy wee things.

So we decided to have some fun and get Avocado Crew Socks instead!  

And, of course, Coffee at breakfast is a given... this Retro Ceramic Coffee Canister sits on our bench being practical and looking fabulous as well.

Looking for a fun gift? Both Avocado Socks and Coffee Storage Containers make great presents, especially for the retro-lover. Humour your loved one, wife, mother, daughter, niece, grandmother with these fun ideas.

Shop online at Vivre - Home | Gifts | Plants


Feeling contemplative? Enjoy writing notes or journalling? May 12, 2018 00:00

Wanting to jot down your ideas...add to your bucket list & prayer list...record that precious moment from your child or grandchild...

These notebooks are the perfect size to fit into your handbag, so you won't forget another moment.

Which one do you like? 

Pop in and browse our shop, Queen St, Richmond, Nelson - or shop online

Choose from:

These notebooks are a great gift idea when you are looking for something small and thoughtful - "Just a little something to acknowledge the occasion."

Suitable gifts and presents for everyone.

Ponchos - Fur trims and Tassels - back in style May 11, 2018 16:20

Who remembers their childhood poncho that Mum knitted or Gran crocheted?

What colour was it? (And did you like it? And did your sister have a nicer one than you!)

Here at Vivre we're loving the new styles and colours of ponchos currently available, fun and so easy to wear...from during the day outfits to the sports fields to work to a glamorous evening out - we have one for each occasion.

With have several different styles available:

  • lightweight with lace detail
  • rollneck, cable knit design
  • fur trimmed hoods with front buttons
  • classic styles with metallic flecks
  • fur trimmed necks and bottoms

Colours range from pastels - reds - navy - grey - black.

Shop online for a few of our selections or pop in and see us to view the full collection.


Additions to our website to make your shopping experience easier... March 26, 2018 00:00

Introducing PartPay - Spend over $50, and at checkout you can choose to pay with PartPay. This means we deliver your order to you as usual and you pay 4 interest free payments of 25% to PartPay - for more info click on the PartPay button on each Product Page.

Introducing our "Add to Wishlist" button - as you're browsing our collections, simply click the Add to Wishlist button to remind you of what you like and when you're ready to view your wishlist, click on the floating heart located on the bottom right of your screen. You don't have to have an account, but if you do, we can let you know when your favourite items are on special.


Welcome to The Green Room March 20, 2018 13:17

We're thrilled to bring you our latest initiative - The Green Room, a collection of easy to use, plastic free and eco-friendly every day products for you and your home - thanks for all your feedback last month.

Bamboo Toothbrushes for Kids & Adults and Silk Dental Floss designed by NZ Dentists, Plastic free Food Wraps 100% Cotton infused with Beeswax, Handmade Shampoo Bars, Facial Cleansers & Gardeners SoapKiwifruit Vinegar Tonic DrinkPure Castile Handmade Soap & Guest Soaps, use to wash dishes & laundry as well,Beech Wood Dish Scrubbers, Natural Multipurpose Househould Cleaner made of Vinegar & Citrus. (Bring your own 500ml or 1 lt bottle in for a re-fill if you like).

All products are available online and in store - pop in and see us.


We need your feedback please... February 07, 2018 12:53

We're introducing a new collection of products for our customers and we'd love to hear your suggestions, ideas, comments and feedback

The Green Room will be a range of easy to use plastic-free and eco-friendly every day products for you and your home - and we want you to tell us what you want in this range!

We've got lots of ideas, starting with Dentist Recommended Bamboo Toothbrushes and Floss, already in store - but please, can you all CONTACT US and let us know your favourite products, tips and ideas.

For every bit of info you send us you'll go into a draw, and the winners will receive a Cork Top Storage Jar with Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans. 

We've added a Made In New Zealand Collection October 17, 2017 16:16

Featuring our Made in NZ Range
To make things easy for you, we've listed in one collection all our beautiful NZ made products so you can proudly support kiwi-made. Included are:
Baby wraps, pure castile soap, rimu spatulas, citronella candles, fudge, gourmet dips & chutneys, ceramics, skincare from the bee venom range, massage cream, natural remedies such as sunscreen and insect repellant. (And keep a look out for our new sterling silver jewellery range arriving soon.)
Click here

Welcome to Spring....but do I have to clean? September 22, 2017 14:04

Daffodils, lambs and longer days all tell us spring is here, which is fantastic, except for those of us who have friends that take to washing the walls of the entire house with enthusiasm while we have little interest in cleaning up the pile of junk mail that's accumulated next to the phone...

Don't despair - I googled, "Why should I spring clean" and got 5 surprising reasons (read the full article here).

I liked their reasoning, firstly, spring cleaning increases productivity - organizing your home or office means less time looking for things and, secondly, spring cleaning makes you happy - a clean and tidy home or office provides you with a sense of satisfaction and puts you in a good mood.

What I like best about the whole cleaning thing is 'out with the old...' it's a time for me to update and modernize bits and pieces around my home. I don't do majors like changing the lounge suite, but I do look at updating cushions, photo frames, displaying new planters with updated flowers, new fun plaques, new funky tins for the kitchen shelves, a new candle... the list goes on.

We have some beautiful accessories for your home in our store, come and see us in Queen Street, Richmond, Nelson, or shop online and be inspired to hit Spring with a smile!