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Yellow and Gold to bring a smile...

Isn't there something about daisies growing wild in the grass that always makes you want to smile? So new, so clean and so fresh... Remember making daisy chains during lunchtime at school?

And yellow (and gold) is so warm and vibrant...

The sun's out today, which inspired me to wander around the shop and collect a handful of these gorgeous items below:

Daisy Crew Socks - simply delightful! Do you need a pair for yourself? Or a childhood friend who shares your memories? Click here to go directly to this product.

Love these socks? Browse our full range here of Modsocks - fun and funky knee high and crew socks.

And this Notebook - Happiness blooms from within - how true are these words? Buy now as a reminder for yourself or for your dear friend. At this very affordable price, Daisy Socks and a Happiness Notebook will make a sweet gift, whether it's birthday, Christmas, get well, or thinking of you... 

In this Notebook range our other titles are:

  • There is sunshine in my soul today - ruled lines
  • Adventures together last a lifetime - blank pages
  • Where you go I go - ruled lines



Fancy the Gold Earrings?  Like the Yellow Pendant?

Please contact us and we can send you more information and photos as they are not yet listed on our online store.

Earrings are priced at $24.90 and Pendant is $26.50


Daisies are cute, Daisy Socks, Notebooks, Happiness blooms from within, buy now at Vivre, Nelson, NZ


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