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Multi-use Silver Two Tiered Tray

This turned out to be quite a fun project! 

This gorgeous Silver Two Tiered Tray arrived and straight away we wanted to display it in the window of the shop.

But what to put in it? Decisions, decisions... so we turned to our fab friends on Facebook and gave them three options with pink shabby chic accessories. After many helpful comments we chose the photo, below. (Thanks for your help everyone). And this display has looked beautiful in the window attracting the eye of lots of passers by.

Then we thought, well, how can we showcase this tray to customers who don't like pink and shabby chic? (my sister...)

After an hour of fun we came up with the other two designs, below. One featuring bathroom accessories and the second featuring succulents and kitchen / dining accessories.

To conclude - same tray - 3 different styles - you need to buy this tray and stamp your own personality and style on it! It's a very versatile home accessory.

Note - all accessories are available in store and online for purchase.


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