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Fun, funky novelty socks

There's socks and then there's our socks!

We've been selling our range of ModSocks since Feb 2018 and they have quickly become one of our most popular and best selling items - our range of ModSocks are fun & funky, beautiful, durable and designed to look and feel great on real legs.

For me, the most enjoyable part is listening to the stories from the customers as they chat about why they are buying the socks. And after selling hundreds of pairs of socks there's two stories that stand out the most to me, I'd love to share them with you.

Customer #1 - Saw a pair of our Piano Cat Socks in the window as she walked past, came in and picked them up along with the Bold Poppies Socks and bought both pairs. Her plans - her elderly friends are in a rest home, she visits them regularly and she bought them a pair each to wear, "when they are sitting in the community lounge with other residents their socks will be the talk of the room, which will delight my friends and bring back many, many fond memories for my friends, the other residents and carers as well."  What a hugely thoughtful gesture!

Customer #2 - Mum and babe popped into the shop on impulse and mum immediately got excited and selected a pair of Unicycling Unicorn Socks. Turns out she's in the IVF programme and needed a pair of socks to exchange with her IVF sock buddy. As she explained more to me about IVF and the support of sock buddies, I was very impressed and for those of you who are in similar situations - all of us at Vivre want to wish you all the very best!

So that's just two stories, among many, many stories... customers buy our socks because:

  • the socks make them smile (how great is that!)
  • they are a fabulous gift and present for all ages, teenagers, mums, nanas, aunties
  • they post easily
  • when someone already has everything they are a fun gift
  • they know the socks will bring pleasure to the recipient


Choose knee high socks or crew socks or both!


A mum bought Pugs & Kisses for her teenage daughter who was going through a hard time and didn't feel like smiling...

A sister-in-law received Black Poppies to wear during her cycling tour of France...

A mother-in-law received a pair of Gardening Socks because she collects watering cans...

The piano players, the choir director, and the owners of black cats all love the Piano Cat Socks...

Avocado Socks, goes without saying, everyone who likes avocados either buys these socks or gets given them...

And again, those with Ginger Cats, either buy a pair for themselves or they get given them...

The sloth lovers have a real dilemma as they genuinely can't decide if they should buy the knee high sloth socks or the crew sloth socks...

Another friend, (and also a daughter bought her mum), received a pair of Rosie the Riveter Socks, because, apparently, they both had a bit of attitude... (haha)

And I haven't even mentioned yet all the golfing ladies, the bowling ladies, the skating ladies and the early childhood teachers who have either bought our socks or been given our socks, just because they are simply fabulous! 

So as I said at the start, it's truly enjoyable (and humbling) listening to how a pair of socks can change someone's day for the better.

So if you are ever looking for a gift or present for your mum, daughter, sister, aunty, cousin, nana, best friend, etc, etc - think of our fun, funky novelty socks.

Browse our full range of socks here





Browse our range of novelty socks here 

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