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Oh no… I have to buy another gift!

No problem, we’re here to help….

These days everyone already has everything which makes it very difficult to find a special little something, and combined with the nuisance of getting to the mall and spending half an hour wandering around shops, trying to find inspiration for the right gift among the huge array of massed items – gift buying is not much fun!

Go home, make a cuppa and browse our online gift shop – We have carefully selected a range of much-loved traditional favourites through to original items not available anywhere else in New Zealand. There truly is something for everyone.

It’s such a great feeling when your friends delight is overwhelming as they open their specially selected gift from you - the right gift brings so much pleasure to both the giver and the receiver!

Each blog we’ll highlight a specific group, eg, a picky teenager gift, your child’s friend’s birthday party gift, and show you our recommended selection of presents.

And it goes without saying, shopping is always one for them and one for you too…add that little extra into your shopping cart simply because you deserve it!


Take care,

Diane and the team at Vivre

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