Treat Bags - I Love Mutts Socks


A Treat Bag is simply that - a bag of treats.

Love Mutts

When you buy this Treat Bag, you will receive a pair of "I love Mutts" Socks, Sugar Free Chocolate, a Bamboo Toothbrush and Silk Dental Floss. And, you pay $30 and receive $38.50 worth of Treats.

Love Mutts - Dog and Animal enthusiasts will enjoy these fun socks (Womens US Shoe Size 6-10) and then I've matched them with an unusual combination of Sugar Free Chocolate Made in NZ, and a plastic free, enviro friendly Bamboo Toothbrush and Silk Dental Floss - enjoy!


Why buy a Treat Bag?

  • You'll have the anticipation of receiving a gift in your mail box
  • You can enjoy all the treats inside your Treat Bag for yourself
  • Or you can order a Treat Bag to be delivered directly to your friend or family member for their special occasion
  • Or you can keep and share - some for you and some for them. (We all like to have a few things tucked away in case we need a gift on hand).


Who needs a Treat Bag?

  • You do! Go ahead and treat yourself!
  • Your loved one - just because...
  • Your best friend - maybe a birthday present, maybe a friend who lives away and instead of a coffee date you send them a Treat Bag
  • Your family - mother, mother-in-law, daughter, sister, niece, grandma - for every occasion including birthdays and Christmas
  • A "Get Well Soon" Gift
  • An "I'm thinking of you" Gift
  • A mum who's too busy caring for her family that needs a Treat
  • A daughter living away from home who needs a care package
  • And so many more...

Each of these items is available for individual sale.



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