Smart Starters Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles - Pets, Rescue, Bugs, Farm

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This range of Smart Starter Wooden Puzzles are full of colour and attractively presented - designed to be loved by your little ones.

Jigsaw puzzles are among the finest teaching tools available because they help develop eye-hand coordination and create an awareness of colour, shape and line.

These puzzles are suitable for Aged 2 years +

Choose from the following:

  • Little Pets - 6 x 2-3 pieces - Cat, Fish, Dog, Turtle, Chicken and Hampster
  • Big Rescue - 6 x 5-6 pieces - Rescue Helicopter, Ambulance, Coastguard, Police, Flying Doctor, Fire Engine
  • Little Bugs - 6 x 2-3 pieces - all bugs   
  • Little Farm - 6 x 2-3 pieces - Cow, Horse, Goat, Dog, Chicken, Duck


The Smart Play wooden children puzzles are made of all natural wood. The use of bright colours and various themes will stimulate your childs attention and help develop their motor skills while still bring enjoyment. These puzzles are durable and a fully interlocked system which is easy to handle.



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