Sloggers Women's Waterproof Comfort Shoe – Goats Grass Green


Sloggers Women's Waterproof Comfort Shoe - made in the USA - and popular for around the house, farm, camping, sportsfields, gardens and the shops.

Since 1948, Sloggers have been in the business of protecting your feet and regular footwear from outdoor elements and weather. Not all shoes and boots can take on mud, gravel, dirt and rain and still look brand new but Sloggers can. 

This Goats Grass Green print is a popular choice for the fun loving ones among us in our range of Waterproof Comfort Shoes.

Whether you're working in the garden, or out-and-about town on a rainy day, you'll be comfortable, dry and secure in your new Sloggers Shoes.


You'll love the:

  • slip-on convenience and comfort
  • ease of cleaning - just hose off
  • secure traction
  • but most of all, you'll love all of the compliments coming your way



  • "All-Day-Comfort" insoles
  • deep lug sole for great traction in wet and muddy conditions
  • soft binding around the top


Sloggers shoes are made from 100% RECYCLABLE, medical grade material, so they have a soft feel, no odor (like the China stuff), are easy to hose off clean and will last for years. The sole contains up to 50% recycled material.


Sizing Guide

Womens US sizes

Medium width: if you're a size 7 - order a size 7. If you're a size 7.5 - order a size 8 and use an insole or thick pair of socks.

Wide width: order up half a size, eg, size 7.5 - order size 8 or size 7 order size 8 and use an insole or thick pair of socks.

Narrow width: order true to size.

Planning or wearing thick socks? Buy half a size up.



Buy at our store in Queen St, Richmond, Nelson or click here to see our postage rates.


All prices are in NZD

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