Nature's Blend Triple Milled Bar Body Soap


The word 'luxurious' springs to mind when seeing these soaps for the first time...

Looks and smells fantastic - Triple Milled Bar Soap made right here in New Zealand.

We have six different options for you to choose from: SOLD OUT

  • Bamboo & White Tea Soap, 250 grams in a creamy colour
  • Blue Clay & Peppermint Soap, 250 grams, in a mauve colour
  • Super Fruit Soap, 250 grams in a boysenberry colour
  • Hemp & Cedarwood, 250 grams in a burnt orange colour
  • Kawakawa, Pumice & Poppy Seed, 250 grams in a dark green colour
  • Turmeric & Orange, 250 grams in a yellow colour
AND - Choose a 3 Pack of Soaps:
  • Love & Care - Coconut & Chia, Pink Clay & Rosehip, Oatmeal & Goat's Milk, 300g 3 pack
  • Nurture & Nourish - Basil & Peppermint, Lemongrass & Ginger, Matcha & Shea Butter, 300g 3 pack


These soaps are beautifully presented, the colours are stunning and the fragrance is enticing.

Perfect for a little treat for yourself, a gift for a friend or an item in a gift basket.


Bamboo and White Tea Soap

The natural purifying and exfoliating properties of bamboo powder and agra shell are blended with skin soothing white tea extract for a revitalising and enriching soap that cleanses and softens. All skin types will benefit from nature's blend of bamboo and white tea. A relaxing herbal fragrance with uplifting notes of eucalyptus and lemongrass.


Blue Clay and Peppermint

The impurity absorbing properties of blue clay and refreshing peppermint oil are blended into a nourishing soap that purifies and detoxifies skin without drying it out. All skin types will benefit from nature's blend of blue clay and peppermint. Naturally scented with peppermint essential oil for a fresh and invigorating fragrance.


Super Fruit

A super soap blended from nature's super ingredients; acai berry powder and goji seed oil. This vitamin and antioxidant rich combination creates an indulgent soap that nourishes skin as it cleanses. All skin types will benefit from this super fruit blend. The enticing berry fragrance will leave skin beautifully scented.


Hemp & Cedarwood

The healing and nourishing properties of both hemp seed and cedarwood oil are blended into a richly lathering soap that leaves skin cleansed and smooth without drying it out. Feel like you're bathing outdoors with this fragrance that is earthy and woody with just a hint of spice - a popular soap with Men.


Kawakawa, Pumice & Poppy Seed

Native to NZ and widely known for its skin healing properties, kawakawa oil is blended with the exfoliating ingredients pumice and poppy seed, creating a soap that removes dry, dead skin and leaves you feeling fresh and renewed. Like the NZ forest floor, this fragrance is earthy and woody and provides a relaxing and grounding effect. All skin types will benefit from nature's blend of kawakawa, pumice and poppy seed.


Turmeric & Orange

The natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of turmeric powder and sweet orange oil are blended into a soothing soap that calms and revitalises skin without drying. All skins types will benefit from nature's blend of turmeric and orange.  



How to Use and Care Instructions - Lather onto wet skin, rinse off. Keep bar in a dry place.



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