Natural Remedies - Herbal Repair Kit


Lovingly handmade in the beautiful Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, this range of natural remedies has something for everyone.

"She'll Be Right" Herbal Repair Kit (50 grams) - A valuable First Aid and antiseptic cream to ease pain and promote healing. Safe to apply to cuts, scrapes, grazes, bruises, cracked skin and any other minor injuries you may inflict upon yourself.

Kiwi Slang Definition: 'She'll be Right' - ['she' can refer to anything] "whatever is wrong will right itself with time", it'll be okay, sums up the Kiwi's cruisy attitude to life. "She'll be right, mate."

All products are G.E and Paraben free.

These tins have a strong Kiwi theme, inspired by the old 'Retro' tourism posters and also selected iconic Kiwi sayings as the names for the tins, which are a bit of fun, and also reflect the product within. 

We think they make ideal gifts - perfect for nostalgic Kiwi's overseas, travellers and visitors to NZ, and of course for your own use.
The tins are lightweight, sturdy, and fit together happily into a pack or bag to take away with you. Each tin is affixed to a postcard with removable tape, so you have the tin and the complete image on the card.


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The Natural Remedies Range is a small family business, based in Hawkes Bay. The have been making and selling Herbal Skincare Products for nearly 30 years. 


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