Mar21 Soap Gift Box


March 2021 Soap Gift Box is now available for a one-off purchase.


You will receive the following beautiful items in your March 21 Soap Gift Box:

  • 1 bar of 100% handmade soap by Inga Ford, based in Wyndham, way down South in Southland. This soap is for those who love fragrance and colour. Creamy and indulgent, hydrating and gentle for all skin types. Choose your fragrance - French Pear or Raspberry. (Champagne is sold out).
  • 1 bar of 100% handmade soap by Susan, based in the charming town of Inglewood, Taranaki. Pink Clay helps to revitalize and tone with Cocoa Butter providing nourishment. Vegetarian (mostly vegan) and 100% Palm Oil Free.
  • 3 Shower Bombs made by Tamara and her team, based in Gulf Harbour, north of Auckland. Place your artisan-crafted Shower Bomb (think bath bomb) on the shower floor and enjoy a luxurious shower experience.


Do you simply love beautiful handmade soaps?

And enjoy receiving practical (and pretty) products delivered to your home?


Our Soap Gift Box is designed for those who appreciate the indulgence of quality made gorgeous soap - both fragrance filled and fragrance free. 

A bar of soap ticks so many boxes - it's plastic free, environmentally friendly and supporting NZ made. An attractively presented bar of soap also makes a thoughtful gift for the practical person in your life (who doesn't want more stuff), and a sweet way to say, 'thank you' or, 'thinking of you.' (Lot's of ladies also enjoy collecting soaps).

Our Soap Gift Box can be used in so many ways:

  • Buy and enjoy the contents of our box as a special treat for yourself
  • Buy and keep some of the contents for yourself, and share the rest as you have gift giving opportunities
  • Buy and Decide - let us know if you would like your box re-directed to a recipient's home (within NZ)




Do you like the idea of receiving a box like this every month? Browse our Subscription Boxes here.


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