Lost Crafts – Rediscovering Traditional Skills by Una McGovern


Whether a friend harbours a creative hankering or is just fascinated with a bygone era, this inspiring book will show them how sustainability has always been with us.

Navigating by the stars - thatching charcoal burning - maze laying - making candles - making besom brooms - making cider blacksmithing - haymaking - using herbal remedies, Lost Crafts is an attractive and engaging introduction to a range of traditional and sustainable crafts, activities and pastimes. 

Around 100 traditional pursuits are described and illustrated, from whittling to spinning, beekeeping to dry-stone walling, lace-making to trout guddling.

Whether seeking instruction or inspiration, interested in social history or simply curling up in an armchair and daydreaming, the reader will find Lost Crafts to be a fascinating treasury of pastimes from a bygone age. And, as awareness grows of our environmental footprints, these sustainable pursuits are increasingly relevant to the modern world.

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