Gift Pack most Ladies would be very happy to receive

$32.50 $43.50

Fabulous gift pack that most women would be very happy to receive - wife, girlfriend, daughter, niece, aunty, grandma, best friend, mother, mother-in-law!

Pretty pieces that are both personal and to share.

In this Gift Pack you will receive:

  • Red Glass Container with Votive 
  • Vintage Garden Notebook
  • NZ Handmade Berry Soap

Save 25%, normal RRP is $43.30.

This gift pack can be a treat for yourself, or a present to a family member or friend. Or divide it up and keep some for you and give some to them... 


Red Glass Container with Votive - this is a mosaic-style container with dark red and black colours. A tealight and votive candle will burn inside nicely, or use the container for other purposes - a small indoor plant, arrangement of flowers...

Vintage Garden Notebook - see products details here. You will receive any one of the notebooks as shown, but you are welcome to choose a specific flower notebook, please let us know at time of order.

NZ Handmade Berry Soap - see product details here. Exquisitely presented, you will receive the Cranberry Soap, but you are welcome to swap to one of the other berry soaps, please let us know at time of order.


To purchase this Gift Pack, please Add to Cart and Buy Now as usual and to let us know specifics about your Gift Pack, please Contact Us to either email, text or ring.


You will receive your Gift Pack in the cardboard box as pictured.

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