Emilia's Colours - The Gift of Autism by Ali Beasley


A must read book: Emilia's Colours - The Gift of Autism by Ali Beasley

Living with autism challenges you to parent in a different way, opening your mind to new approaches to looking at a situation and developing resilience. People with autism have a unique way of looking at the world and inherent in this 'difference' are many amazing gifts.

From the author, "I wrote 'Emilia's Colours: The Gift of Autism' to raise more awareness and understanding around this often misunderstood and 'invisible disability'. I hope my book can offer support to other families, parents and others involved in working with people with autism."


A beautifully presented 112 page book, with colour photos.


"Ali's book is a beautiful and courageous gift to the world." Lisa Allan, Yoga Teacher/Reiki Master, BA (Philosophy), BSC (Biology)


"In this profound and touching glimpse into what it really means to have a child with autism, Ali Beasley writes frankly and poetically about her experiences raising her daughter Emilia. It is a moving and valuable work that will benefit fellow parents facing similar challenges. I recommend this book to health professionals and anyone else who seeks to understand the neurologically diverse world we live in." Dr Clare Fran Halford, MBchB, Dip Paeds


ISBN: 978-0-473-41657-7


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