Drip Coffee Bags from The Laughing Pug Coffee Company


Enjoy incredibly good coffee anywhere and anytime with these single serve drip coffee bags - at home in the sun, camping, tramping, hunting, enjoying your picnic, at work...

Simply tear drip bag along the dotted line, pull out the handles and place onto mug, pour in boiled water and enjoy!

These drip coffee bags are an awesome treat for yourself and make a fantastic gift or thank you to friends, family, colleagues, loved ones.


When you purchase a Single Serve Drip Coffee Bag, you will receive any one of the following blends: 

  • Certified Organic
  • PNG Gold
  • Doggfather


Watch a short clip on how to use Drip Coffee Bags here.


About The Laughing Pug Coffee Company:

"We use premium organic arabica beans sourced only from smallholder coffee plantations and fully support smallholder production systems to increase sustainability in the coffee sector. Many coffee plantations can be found in rainforests so for us protecting this precious ecosystem is a must. We are very proud to be part of this process which is not only considered highly sustainable and quality focused but creates one of the worlds most desirable brews for our customers."


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