Chocolate - made in Dunedin, NZ


From the Otago Chocolate Company - we are thrilled to offer you yummy chocolate!

Grown in the Pacific, made in Dunedin. Bean-to-bar craft chocolate.


Choose from the following flavours. Each bar is 40g and attractively presented.


BeeKeeper - NZ Manuka Honey, Bee Pollen & Puffed Amaranth with 70% cacao single origin dark chocolate

Short Black - Roasted Cacao NIBS, Coffee & Vanilla with 70% cacao single origin dark chocolate

Salted Caramel - Sea Salted Chunks of Caramel with 70% cacao single origin dark chocolate

66% Cacao PNG - Robust, Fruity & Super Smooth, single origin dark chocolate

70% Cacao Solomons - Dark, Fruity & Delicate, single origin dark chocolate

Horopito & Kawakawa - Spicy Horopito Leaf & Kawakawa Berries with 66% cacao single origin dark chocolate

Sugar Free 77% Cacao - Rich, dark and zero added sugar, single origin dark chocolate



This is chocolate you can feel good about enjoying. All the cacao beans are sourced directly from our neighbours in the Pacific Islands, so we can ensure the farmers get a fair price. Then, every step of the simple, hands-on, bean-to-bar process is done under one roof, in Dunedin. Delicious proof that chocolate can be good for growers, makers and eaters alike.

From the demise of the famous Cadbury's Chocolate Factory in Dunedin rises the Otago Chocolate Company!



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