Ceramic Paua Bowl


Handmade in New Zealand - a beautiful ceramic paua bowl featuring the range of blues / greens so delightfully seen in the real shells.

These paua bowls make a divine accessory for your own home or a beautiful gift to send or take overseas with you.

The designer is Wilma Jennings, a well known Waikato, NZ, Ceramic Artist.

Wilma describing her paua work, "Bowls inspired by the movement, colours, and eddies in the pristine clear fresh water streams running through the native bush near Mangatautiri mountain, evoking the vision of imaginary Paua from this land, not the sea."

Each paua bowl is handmade, therefore measurements will vary slightly, but approx 9cm x 7cm x 3cm high.


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All prices are in NZD


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