Black Multi Case - Purse & Glasses Case


Ladies - this black multi case is seriously the best and most useful item I've seen in a long time! Perfect for inside your handbag and excellent for taking places when you don't want to take your whole bag, like the cafe or movies.

Use as a Purse, or Glasses Case, or Cosmetic & Toilet Bag, or all of these things.

Per the photo, I fitted in this wee multi case:

  • reading glasses
  • iphone 5
  • credit cards
  • lip gloss
  • car key
  • cash and coins

Designed and created in Auckland, New Zealand, this multi case will quickly become a firm favourite.

The case features a purse opening, mirror on the inside lid, silver fastenings, black outside and black & white inside. 

Measurements: 18cm wide x 7.5cm deep x 5.5cm tall. Measurements are taken on the outside at the widest points.


Buy at our store in Queen St, Richmond, Nelson or click here to see our postage rates.


All prices are in NZD

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