Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar from the Dirty Hippie Range


Shampoo and Conditioning Bars - all natural - all environmentally friendly - proudly made in Waipu, New Zealand.


Conditioner BarFull Size approx 50g. (SOLD OUT)

Conditioner Bars work very differently from soap bars, most importantly they don't lather and clean, they are creamy and moisturising. 
To use:  After washing hair, stroke the conditioner bar over the hair until it feels silky and conditioned.  Hair should feel similar to the feel of regular conditioner on hair.  


Lemon Coconut Shampoo BarWeight: approx 80g (SOLD OUT)

Best suited to med-oily hair, the Lemon Essential oil helps control oil.
This bar also makes a great shaving bar and all round soap. Can even be used as a spot remover on fabric stains.


Hemp n Kawakawa Shampoo & Soap Bar - Weight approx 80g (SOLD OUT)

A bar with the healing power of Kawakawa and Organic Hemp Seed Oil, most suited to those with med-oily hair.  Also excellent added soothing from the Kawakawa, lovely for damaged/eczema prone skin.  May help with dandruff.


Luscious Lemon and Turmeric Shampoo Bar - Weight: Approx 80g (SOLD OUT)

This bar is good for all hair types with anti-viral properties, good for scalp issues.


Beer, Clay & Pine Shaving Soap - Weight: Approx 80g 

Shaving Bar but also perfectly fine as a shampoo / soap bar. Specially formulated to create a good lather.


Acne Face & Body Soap - Weight: Approx 80g (SOLD OUT)

For acne and congested skin, specially formulated to help draw gunk out of the skin and prevent and lessen acne. This bar is chocka full of pimple fighting goodies.


Calendula Love Shampoo Bar - Coconut Oil Free - Weight: Approx 80g

A lovely nourishing bar made for those with Coconut sensitivities in mind. Coconut Oil is a common ingredient in shampoo bars, and in this bar Tallow has been used instead making it a gentle bar with Calendula. Lightly moisturising suitable for most hair types.


Lavender Locks Shampoo Bar - Weight: Approx 80g (SOLD OUT)

Mostly suited to hair that can be oily and doesn't need too much extra moisturising.


Super Moisturising Shampoo Bar - Weight: Approx 80g

Highly recommend this bar for anyone with curly, frizzy or very dry hair. Especially helpful for people who suffer from an itchy scalp.


Kombucha Orange Shampoo Bar - Weight: Approx 80g

Suitable for fine hair that gets oily at the roots easily.


Peppermint Patchouli Shampoo & Bodywash Bar - Weight: Approx 80g

Best suited to med-dry hair. Also good for scalp issues.



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