Fun Rhyming Story Books for Children - Kiwi Critter Series featuring Kiwi, Pukeko


These beautiful story books tick all the boxes:

  • Features Kiwi Critters
  • 100% Made in New Zealand
  • Affordable
  • Fun & Colourful

Written by Donna Blaber, the books are short, fun rhyming stories for children aged 0-7 years (lexile read aloud / first self reader)The Kiwi Critters adventures revolve around classic Kiwi fun times such as picnics, parties, and sausage sizzles. And in Bruce Goes Home they use a bungy rope to make a slingshot to send Bruce, a very sad possum, back to Australia! Kids absolutely love these books and it doesn't take long before they learn to chant every line.

The books are designed so they are easy for little hands to hold, while the colourful illustrations and fun rhymes appeal to all.

Great stocking filler, gift for your friend's child, a reward on the star chart. An easy choice for parents, grandparents and relatives to give their favourite little one...


Book 1: Keri's Party - Keri the Kiwi invites her best friend Piri the Pukeko to come to her party.

Book 2: Piri's Picnic - Piri the Pukeko meets his best friend Keri the Kiwi and they decide to have a picnic.

Book 3: Bruce Goes Home - Keri the Kiwi comes up with a plan to send Bruce the Possum home to Australia.

Book 4: Sausage Sizzle - The Kiwi Critters put on a sausage sizzle to raise money for their friend, Kenny the Kakapo.

Book 5: Hide and Seek - Piri the Pukeko plays his favourite game and the Kiwi Critters help Keri the Kiwi to find a good place to hide.

Book 6: Off to the Beach - Piri the Pukeko decides to go to the beach and the Kiwi Critters help Keri the Kiwi to get there.


Page One of Book 1: "Keri the Kiwi went for a walk. She saw her friend Piri and stopped for a talk."

Page Two of Book 1: "I'm having a party. It will be a right caper. Can you come now Piri? Or will we see you later?"


ISBN 978-1-927229-34-7


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