Strawberry Hearts Treat Bag


Fancy a little bag of treats? For you or a gift... we're thrilled to offer you our

Strawberry Hearts Treat Bag

Delightful treats for you, your loved one, family member and friend. 

You get to choose if you give it all away, or keep a treat for yourself.

Your Treat Bag will be delivered to you, ready to give. We are also happy to deliver your Treat Bag directly to the recipient if you aren't in the same city - be sure to fill in the note at checkout so we can include your message.


You will receive:

  • 1 pair of Sweet Strawberries Crew Socks (see note below).
  • 3 x Mini Wooden Hanging Hearts
  • 1 Natural Body Bar Soap - 'Turn Me On'

You pay only $37.50 - normally $48.50


Please note:

  1. You are welcome to swap the Strawberry Socks for another pair of socks in our Fun Socks Collection. (Add to Cart and you will be given the option to Add Special Instructions to your order, please let us know your preference here).
  2. Our Postage flat rate of $5 will be added at checkout.
  3. We have a limited quantity of these Treat Bags available.
  4. All items in this Treat Bag are available to buy individually from our store.

Browse here:

Sweet Strawberries Crew Socks 

Mini Wooden Hanging Hearts

Natural Body Bar Soap - Happy Ending


You are welcome to Buy Now and have your Treat Bag delivered to a different address (within NZ), simply fill in the recipient's delivery address at checkout. We are also very happy to include a note from you, again, there's a space at checkout.

Anything else? Feel free to contact us, we're happy to help.




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All prices are in NZD

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