Ceramic Mini Hearts


New Zealand made and simply adorable, choose a ceramic heart from our range of colours.

Made by Liz, in sunny Northland, these hearts are decorative and can be used in so many different ways. 

A popular gift idea, the hearts are light and will wrap and travel easily. Take overseas to your international friends, give to your friends and family in NZ or simply enjoy a heart (or several) for yourself.

Perfect just as a heart, or easy to slip into an envelope with a card, tie around a bunch of flowers or indoor plant, add to a gift basket...


Measurements: due to the handmade nature of this item, sizes vary but between 4-5cm wide x 5-6cm high.



Liz specializes in bright, colourful ceramics and each piece is handmade. 

You may also like our other ceramics from Liz, we have Koru Hearts, Woven Hearts, Fantails on a Wire and Flowers on a Wire - browse our Made in NZ Range here



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