Shower Bursts


Decadent and divine... indulgent and romantic... treat yourself today!

Shower in style with our Shower Bursts - these are to the shower what bath bombs are to the bath.

Turn your shower into a luxurious experience and use a NZ made artisan crafted Shower Burst...

We are thrilled to offer you three options:

1. Buy 1 (or more) Individual Bursts - you will receive any one shower burst from either the Botanical or Signature Collection.

2. Buy a Set of 10 - Signature Collection. You will receive 2 bursts of the following fragrances: Invigorate (orange), Serenity (lilac), Breathe (white), Relax (yellow), Clarity (green). SOLD OUT

3. Buy a Set of 10 - Botanical Collection. You will receive 2 bursts of the following fragrances: Rose (pink), Lavender (lilac), Raspberry and Vanilla (plumb), French Pear (green), Creamy Coconut & Fig (white). SOLD OUT

Ideal for when you don't have time for a bath (or don't have a bath) but still want to enjoy an invigorating and sensual experience. 

Our Shower Bursts are a fabulous treat for you and a great gift idea for your friend and family member, especially that one who already has everything! Shower Bursts are very attractively presented.  

How to experience your Shower Burst - unwrap your Shower Burst and place on the floor of the shower, where the water can easily reach it. The combination of warm water and steam releases the Shower Bursts beautiful scents and essential oils for approximately four minutes.


Shower Bursts are full of essential oils and fragrances, please be aware if you are sensitive to or suffer from allergies and asthma.

Please note - Shower Bursts should not be used in the bath as the essential oil percentage is far higher than a bath bomb to bathe in.



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