Why blue and white accessories are always the perfect combination in your home October 05, 2018 16:17

I love wandering around the shop and collecting an armful of things to photograph... this week I was a bit surprised to have picked up so many blue and white items and was thrilled with how attractive they looked in the photo's. And now I keep admiring it...

If you're feeling a little inspired, here is a few of our blue and white bits and pieces...

So if you are looking for a wee treat for yourself, or birthdays and wedding presents for family, friends and loved ones, you may like to browse our range of unique home accessories.

So what was it about Blue and White that got me excited? A quick google search bought up the following: 

American designer, Mark D Sikes, has a soft spot for the timeless country combo of blue and white. Some of his favorite accents are blue-and-white ceramics—from porcelain jars on the mantel to the garden stools as a side table. "You can use ceramics sparingly as an accent, but I like a lot of pieces displayed together as a collection. It gives instant colour and detail that's intricate and alluring," he says.

Here's an extract from interior designer Phoebe Howard: "What is it about this Blue and White palette that gives it such widespread appeal and inspires such devotion?  To start, there's the fact that blue is the world's favorite color. Found all around us in nature, it knows no limits when it comes to a particular fashion or style, time period or geography. As for white, it shows blue off in its truest form, without distraction or competition. And though it delivers plenty of contrast, the combination is less stark than black and white. It's easy on the eyes. White sets blue up for success, which sets you and your decorating scheme up for success too."

So it seems that the pairing of Blue and White brings out the best in any room, whether it's the kitchen, living room or bedroom - it is a classic for a reason.

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