Welcome to Spring....but do I have to clean? September 22, 2017 14:04

Daffodils, lambs and longer days all tell us spring is here, which is fantastic, except for those of us who have friends that take to washing the walls of the entire house with enthusiasm while we have little interest in cleaning up the pile of junk mail that's accumulated next to the phone...

Don't despair - I googled, "Why should I spring clean" and got 5 surprising reasons (read the full article here).

I liked their reasoning, firstly, spring cleaning increases productivity - organizing your home or office means less time looking for things and, secondly, spring cleaning makes you happy - a clean and tidy home or office provides you with a sense of satisfaction and puts you in a good mood.

What I like best about the whole cleaning thing is 'out with the old...' it's a time for me to update and modernize bits and pieces around my home. I don't do majors like changing the lounge suite, but I do look at updating cushions, photo frames, displaying new planters with updated flowers, new fun plaques, new funky tins for the kitchen shelves, a new candle... the list goes on.

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