Silk and Linen Womens Fashion Clothing from the Made in Italy Collection August 30, 2019 14:03

Our range of Silk and Linen Womens Fashion Clothing is continuing to expand - simply because it's so popular with our customers - thank you for your continued support!

Our ladies are saying that they just love the feel and comfort of wearing the natural fibres of silk and linen - being gorgeous and stylish is also a bonus. 

We stock the Made in Italy Collection, pop in and browse, or shop online. Our range changes continually as we are careful to order only very small numbers of each style.

Floating, flowing and feminine... come and have a look, find us on Queen Street in Richmond, Nelson (opp ANZ Bank).

A quick google search, "Why wear natural fibres?" revealed the huge number of reasons women are making the change.

"It's time to start caring about what you are wearing. It all starts with natural fibres. That's the future of fashion." Wolford

Natural fibre clothing, comfortable to wear, sustainable and last for ages, and then decompose so are friendly to our planet.

(We've recently added a range of 100 percent Cotton clothing too, but that's a separate post.)


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