Ponchos - Fur trims and Tassels - back in style May 11, 2018 16:20

Who remembers their childhood poncho that Mum knitted or Gran crocheted?

What colour was it? (And did you like it? And did your sister have a nicer one than you!)

Here at Vivre we're loving the new styles and colours of ponchos currently available, fun and so easy to wear...from during the day outfits to the sports fields to work to a glamorous evening out - we have one for each occasion.

With have several different styles available:

  • lightweight with lace detail
  • rollneck, cable knit design
  • fur trimmed hoods with front buttons
  • classic styles with metallic flecks
  • fur trimmed necks and bottoms

Colours range from pastels - reds - navy - grey - black.

Shop online for a few of our selections or pop in and see us to view the full collection.