Our Customer Loyalty Programme at Vivre October 23, 2018 15:29

We really do want all our customers to know how much we appreciate your continued support - both in store and online, so we just want to remind you of our Customer Loyalty Programme.

Online - well that's easy, the cost of postage is always an extra, so make 3 purchases online and receive free postage on your next 3 purchases.

In Store - When you reach a total spend of $200 (it doesn't matter how long it takes) then you get to choose either an in store credit of $20 or to donate your $20 to one of the following local community organisations: 24-7 YouthWork based at Waimea College and Waimea Intermediate, Ma's Place Richmond and Pinnacle House Nelson.

So...thank you! We appreciate you supporting us at Vivre!