Enjoy reading books through the winter July 03, 2018 14:58

Growing up, mum always had books around our home and my sister and I are still, happily, book worms... 

And it was with great pleasure that I was able to introduce my own children to the delights of a good book! Story books and reading together in the evenings will always hold fond memories for us all.

What to read... so many, many interesting books, both fiction and non-fiction, series and one-offs...

And so many different ways to read... real books (you know, old school with pages to turn), e-readers (the last one got dropped down the stairs in our house when two of the kids wanted it at the same time, say no more...), magazines, etc, etc.

I was recently reminded at our 'Meet the Teacher' evening of the educational importance of reading. The English teacher talked about the flow on benefits of reading, such as improved spelling, vocabulary and the ability to write well structured sentences and paragraphs.

(If you need more inspiration to make your kids sit down and read for 20 minutes before bed, just google, "why should I read a book" and you'll get really excited.)

We have books for your toddlers - a fun NZ book, designed for small hands and featuring our favourite Kiwi Critters, Kiwi and Pukeko, playing at the beach, hide and seek, sausage sizzles, etc.  Browse our range here

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So enjoy your reading everyone.


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