Children's story books about nature by Nelson, NZ, author Carolyn Hedom May 23, 2018 16:04

We're thrilled to have two beautifully written and illustrated books for children available to you. Written by Carolyn Hedom, who lives in St. Arnaud, near Nelson, NZ, she has a passion for sharing nature with children.

The Little Raindrop is about The Water Cycle, told through the eyes of The Little Raindrop.

Carter and Friends is about an inquisitive little dog, and his friends as they explore New Zealand's native bush, based in the Nelson Lakes National Park.

It's always such a treat for parents and grandparents to snuggle up with little ones and read stories together. These stories are fun, enjoyable, have beautiful pictures and educational as well! 

"Carter is an introduced animal in the native bush in New Zealand but hopefully his stories in this book will show an awareness and appreciation of all that we take for granted in nature. All events are based on happenings around or close to our tree house and Carter's presence rings a different perspective with his inquisitive, gentle appearance and excitement in discovering new friends."

"The little raindrop fell from the cloud and landed on a branch of a tree from where she dribbled, gently, down to a leaf. When she landed on the leaf she would say, "Hello little leaf, would you like a drink?" She watered the plants, washing off the dirt so they could take in the air and the sun which they needed to grow. When the sun came out, she saw she was dressed in all the colours of the rainbow, she would giggle and sparkle in her excitement of what was next."

Great gift ideas for toddlers and learning to read children.