Buy your Treat Bag today November 12, 2019 13:36

It's a surprise!

Buy your Treat Bag without knowing what's inside - but we can assure you that you'll be thrilled when you open it up.

A Treat Bag is simply that - a bag of treats. Keep it all for yourself, or get a bag delivered straight to your loved one or friend, or mix and match - some for you and some to share.

We offer a different themed Treat Bag each month and numbers are limited.

So BUY NOW and sit back and get your Treats delivered to your door.

Need a ready made gift quickly - our Gift Bags are a great idea (and also provide small hints as to the types of treats that are included in our Treat Bags...)


Buy your Treat Bag at Vivre, Nelson, NZ, it's simply a bag of treats so you just need to enjoy your surprise


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