Oh no... I have to buy a wedding present! July 30, 2015 20:50

Buy this Mickey to Tiki Glass Plate - $39.99

This glass plate is a fabulous gift idea. Reasonably priced, it can be practical or displayed as a piece of art in your home.

Mickey to Tiki Glass Plate is a fun piece for all New Zealanders, crossing all age and social groups as an item that is both timeless and contemporary for both first and subsequent marriages.

We all know that wedding presents are very difficult to buy - usually the happy couple already has everything anyway. Whilst often guests are asked not to bring gifts, one always likes to take a little something to celebrate the happy occasion (that isn't a voucher). So our presents tend to be of the 'brighten up your home' variety. This glass plate is perfect!

Mickey to Tiki is designed by Dick Frizzell and has become a best selling print in New Zealand. It portrays a cartoon Mickey Mouse changing in stages to Tiki.

This glass plate will bring a smile to the recipient's face, will delight everyone as they exclaim over the cleverness of the design and become a talking point as to whether each one would use it as a piece of art or serve gorgeous snacks.

Enjoy - Diane and the team at Enlighten Gifts